Effective way to Spread your message and generate donations for your
community or Cause, one tee at a time

Use our online Campaign Designer to help you create the perfect campaign to raise money for your cause.

Engage your community with custom printed apparel.

Our online Campaign Designer allows you to create a Fundraiser campaign in 5 easy steps. Just select a product, create your design, set a target to reach, add your details and then launch and share your campaign! No need to carry inventory or to spend money up front, we only produce your order if the campaign goal you’ve set is met. My Fundraiser Tees are perfect for any group, cause or community.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I run multiple campaigns at the same time?

Absolutely you can! If you need to offer different product styles to suit your market, we recommend you run a separate campaign simultaneously. It’s FREE to so do, you’ve got nothing to lose!

When do you ship out each order?

Once the campaign has finished, our production team collates all of the orders and moves it in to our production line. All orders are printed in bulk and shipped within 7-10 business days after the campaign has finished.

How do I get paid my commissions from the campaign?

During our easy setup process, you will be prompted to enter your PayPal account email address. All proceeds are paid directly in to your PayPal account. Unfortunately we currently do not offer any other form of commission payment. Sign up for a FREE PayPal Account here www.paypal.com.au

When can I expect my commissions to be paid?

Once the campaign has been completed and all orders have been shipped, your commission payment will be paid directly in to your nominated PayPal account on the 1st of the following month during our monthly batch payment run. Unfortunately due to system constraints, we are unable to process early payment of proceeds until the campaign has fully completed and all orders have been fulfilled.

Case Studies!

Fight Like A Girl

Support our cause and fight against Breast Cancer!.
Sold 217 shirts & raised $3286

Pacha Mama

Support our Pacha Mama and save the Mother Earth!.
Sold 517 shirts & raised $6560


Help us raise funds to save more lives.
Sold 417 shirts & raised $8530

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